Too Tired To Exercise?

Too Tired To Exercise?

Here’s one simple tip to help you get back your energy!

We all know how it feels at the end of the day when we arrive home, get changed, eat and then slump down in front of the television, too tired to even think about going to the gym or class we’d promised ourselves all week that we would do. Being tired gets in the way of our health.

We often mistake a busy life as the reason why we’re feeling tired. Now don’t get me wrong, having commuted for years I know that stress, trains, late finishes and everything else that we are exposed to takes its toll. It’s our job to help ourselves cope as well as we can with what we’re throwing at it.

Tip: Hydration.

Water is what transport nutrients and oxygen through the body, this is what we need to run ourselves.

The body is not designed to work on coffee or tea, it’s designed to work with water. Our liver and kidneys help us clean what we’re putting in but that act of cleaning has a price – energy. The body hates tea and coffee and uses energy to clean it before putting what’s left through our organs and into our blood.

If we put the good stuff through in the first place the body uses less energy, it’s less tiring for the body to process water than it is anything with a flavouring in it.

When we are hydrated we can transport nutrition through the body better, delivering all the good stuff into our blood, muscles, brain, skin. We are feeding our entire body with oxygen, much needed for energy.

Imagine trying to run your petrol car on diesel, within a few minutes your car would start juddering, the wrong type of fuel would be going into the engine and eventually it just wouldn’t work properly. This is exactly what happens when we drink tea and coffee so to increase your energy make sure you’re drinking water – room temperature and slowly is best for maximum absorption. Don’t drink water too much at a time, no more than half a glass per half hour is ideal and normally a maximum of 2.5 litres a day is enough.

Blog provided by Tracey Dell Colonic Hydrotherapist & Digestive Expert

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