When it comes to achieving physical health and a balanced mindset, we know that nutrition is an essential ingredient in its own right. No matter how different our individual goals, challenges, age or situation, we are all the same when it comes to nutrition always playing a vital role in helping us maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The aim of our dedicated nutrition pillar is to educate, support and inspire you to make good choices when refuelling your body.

Available at your fingertips is a handful of educational on-demand webinars, led by expert nutritionists within the industry, live weekly Cook-a-Long's, a continually expanding bank of delicious, homemade and healthy recipes plus exclusive partner discounts for a selection of meal prep and supplement brands.

Now that is tasty!


Butternut Squash Risotto

Tasty doesn't always mean meaty, and this vegetarian dish proves just that! Packed with hearty flavours such as ginger, parmesan and garlic, this butternut squash based risotto is the ideal recipe to try for a quick mid-week dinner or a fancy weekend lunch.

Roast Chicken with Winter Vegetables & Olive Oil Mash

Comfort food is top of the list when it comes to warding off the winter weather. This classic, warming and seasonal dish makes for a perfectly filling Sunday feast, before heading to the sofa to wrap up in a blanket and watch your favourite film.

Sweet Potatoes, Kale & Spicy Chickpeas with Almond Dressing

The perfect balance of sizzle and sweet! This fresh, colourful and flavoursome dish is bursting with nutritious goodness and is an ideal weekend go-to for those who love to experiment and have a passion for vegan delicacies.

Ask The Expert

Is juicing really as healthy as influencers would have us believe? I am tempted to try for weight loss...

If you’re having difficulty trying to get enough fruit or vegetables in your diet, drinking freshly squeezed juice is generally very helpful. Fruit and vegetables are naturally abundant in phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals, many of which act as antioxidants which lower the risk of developing some lifestyle diseases.  

Try apple, cucumber, lemon and beetroot or watermelon and tomato combinations. You can boost flavours by using parsley, coriander, ginger and cinnamon. 

However, compensating nutritious and well-balanced meals for quick fix juice detoxes, is just not the answer to results or long-term health.  

I don’t have time to eat when I get up in the morning and leaving eating until lunch time. Everyone says that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Is this true?

About 20% of people skip breakfast, so you are not alone! People who don’t eat breakfast tend to over-compensate and eat more when they get very hungry later in the day. Generally, yes, it is important and a healthy habit to eat something before you start your day, so set your alarm 5-10 minutes earlier and make time to eat.  

A small bowl of low sugar, high fibre cereal and milk together with a glass of fresh fruit juice is really quick, easy and filling. A banana and a piece of toast would equally do the trick too.  

I recently cut out carbs from my diet in an effort to lose weight for summer, but have to say that I feel quite lethargic most days. Any advice?

No wonder you’re feeling more tired – carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the diet. Rest assured that you can eat bread, rice and potatoes but still lose weight as consuming more than half your energy needs with these foods has been shown to be effective in helping prevent weight gain and producing weight loss, especially with an increased intake of dietary fibre.   

When trying to lose weight, you have to eat fewer calories than you expend, so watch your portion sizes. Choose high fibre varieties of breakfast cereals, leave the skins on potatoes, swap white rice for brown and white pasta for wholemeal.  


Your Very Own Virtual Cookery Class

Join Amelie, our specialist Health & Wellness Coach, as she cooks up a plant based storm straight from her kitchen. To best experience these on demand cook-a-long classes, be sure to have your ingredients at the ready as Amelie talks you through a new dish each week, teaching you top culinary tips along the way.