Welcome to your exclusive digital fitness solution, designed to keep you motivated, active and happy directly from home.

Our gyms are energetic, fun and inclusive spaces where you feel like you belong, and they’re designed to inspire you in whatever you want to do – that's where our online fitness offering is no different.

Split between both live 2-way classes and on demand workouts, our fitness program has been carefully curated to offer something for everyone. From fat burning cardio classes to low impact strength training to wholesome Mind&Body sessions, we’re confident that we can provide you with the ultimate choice of fun, challenging and impactful live workouts. 

Can’t make the live times? Don’t worry, we have 100's of high quality and high energy on demand workout videos for you to enjoy where you want, whenever you want.

But don't just take our word for it, check out below exactly what is available at your fingertips. It's time to dig out your best lycra and get movin'!



Introducing the ultimate collection of low to high impact strength training. Suited to those who love to feel the burn, our varied program of strength classes has been created with bone and muscle health in mind. Expect to leave these classes feeling toned, strong but dreading climbing the stairs!


Our extensive range of upbeat and high-energy Cardio classes are all about getting your blood pumping and your heart rate racing. Designed to support weight loss, increased energy levels and improved fitness, you're bound to finish one of our cardio classes feeling accomplished, sweaty and generally awesome!


Fast-paced and high intensity workouts aren't always for everyone, and that's fine! Mindfulness and slow movement is key when it comes to reducing stress, anxiety and improving energy, focus and mood. Our selection of Mind&Body classes do exactly that and will leave you feeling positive, balanced and re-energised.



Qualified PT and advanced fitness instructor, Kristina, pens exercise not only as her passion but her release, sanctuary and chance to disconnect from the world and reconnect with herself. Since 2003, Kristina has successfully helped people achieve their goals to become fitter, healthier and more confident, and she's not done yet...


Matthew understands the hardship of trying to get in shape, since he himself was overweight during his teens. However, through a love for fitness, constant faith in the process and seeing first hand the results that hard work can achieve, Matthew gained the motivation to lose weight and eventually become a personal trainer at...


Introducing our very own 'Yoga Queen'. Georgia's unique and inclusive approach to teaching yoga offers a comfortable solution for all types of abilities. Whether you're looking to be physically challenged or totally relax and reconnect, you're bound to find a yoga class by Georgia to suit your mood...


Let's Talk About Sweat, Baby!

We know that blood, sweat and tears indicates considerable effort. Sweating it out can imply you’re awaiting some important news, but can also be taken literally, as in staying in bed with the flu. Now, we all do it, especially when we exercise, but just how much do you know about sweating?

Choosing The Right Home Exercise Equipment

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